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Although he was raised in a preacher's home, it wasn't until October 5, 1979, that Pastor Jenkins came to Christ personally as an 18 year old young man. He had previously made some decisions to walk away from his home and upbringing that had taken him deep into a life of sin. This new life in Christ that he discovered would radically transform him forever! When Pastor recalls his salvation experience, he often enthusiastically will share that he was "GLORIOUSLY SAVED"!

This high school senior's heart immediately began to sense a burden to pursue God's calling and purpose for his life. He began to impact others for Christ there in his high school and local church. By the end of the school year, 31 of his classmates had been impacted so mightily by the transformation in his life that they took the time to talk with him and he led them to personally trust Jesus Christ as their Savior as well.

He attended Bible college in Northern Indiana where he met his wife Debbie, formerly Deborah Harris of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. They were married in June of 1983. Soon after, he accepted the call to serve as a youth pastor at a church in Kalkaska, Michigan. The country church began to thrive. A short eighteen months after arriving in Kalkaska, God began to stir another burden in his heart. A small group of families from the quaint neighboring community of Gaylord felt the Lord was compelling them to approach this 24 year old youth pastor to pray about coming and leading them to start a church.

A short time later, in May of 1986, the Lord led Pastor Jenkins to start this brand new church. Having experienced so much of God's marvelous grace in his life, he thought it appropriate to name the church "Grace Baptist Church." From that day until this, the miraculous growth and impact of Grace Baptist Church and the leadership and vision that Pastor Jenkins has exemplified has truly been a blessing to our church family, and many others around the nation.

Pastor Jenkins is an inspirational Bible preacher and the author of several books. He has a heartbeat and passion to strengthen families, marriages, young people, and individuals. He is a frequent speaker in Bible conferences, church revivals, youth conferences, and other special evangelistic meetings all across our nation and North America.

Pastor and Mrs. Jenkins have three children. They are each married and serving the Lord.